Join local hop farmer Jack Volker and friends, for a mid-winter gathering to taste and enjoy an excellent beer brewed at the Brewery of Broken Dreams in nearby Hammondsport, NY made exclusively with hops grown right here in Chautauqua!!

This "All-4-One" American Pale Ale (5.2% ABV, 100% NYS) is the newest version of our SMASH series, a session strength American style pale ale, all "Jacked"-up with 100% New York State grown Cascade hops and malt. 

The name "All-4-One" is meant to describe both the simplicity of the beer, one malt, one hop, yeast and water, and the relationship between farmers and farm brewers.

Hawthorne Hill Hops, growers of 5 hop varieties, produced the Cascades used exclusively in All 4 One, an American Pale Ale. Located just six miles from Mayville, the hop yard was introduced in 2014 by Jack and Diane Voelker on their rural property high on the Chautauqua Ridge. Hops are an aggressive perennial, growing to the top of an 18' trellis in just six weeks. The Cascade hop is known for its spicy and citrusy aromas and flavors, and is one of the the most popular varieties with craft brewers. All 4 One was brewed in Hammondsport, NY at The Brewery of Broken Dreams, Douglass Schuckers, brewer.


Reservations are welcome by calling 716-753-3960.