This spring, The Deck at Webb's Captain's Table saw it's largest renovation since it's inception in 1986. A new tap system was installed by the Gallow Brothers and the woodwork was completed by local carpenter, Dana Shelters, which included updates to the bar and custom built tables.

The bar was changed from a bulky, U-shaped structure to a modern, straight bar. This serves to promote bartender-customer interaction with more space bar-side to enjoy drinks and a view. The tables were all created with the intention of maximum versatility. Servers can easily put two together or pull two apart to accommodate parties of all sizes. Additionally, new standing counters were installed offering another place for customers to relax and enjoy their drinks while overlooking scenic Chautauqua Lake.



A few years ago, the Emerald Ash Borer wreaked havoc on Ash trees in New York state forests. Instead of losing their trees to devastation, the Webb family decided to cut their Ash trees down in order to repurpose them before they were destroyed. The Ash was stickered for 12-18 months, and repurposed in this year’s Deck renovation. 

“These updates were needed and we are very happy with the outcome. I think our guests will enjoy the updates as well.”

Since 1942, the Webb’s family has been in business in Mayville, NY. Since opening a little soda shop downtown called The Fountainette, the family business has expanded tremendously over the last 75 years.